Fleet-wide IT/OT Suite

Real-time Cyber Defense, Remote Monitoring, Remediation at sea

You need more than just a window into your vessel’s
IT/OT Environments.

Don’t settle when it comes to managing the IT infrastructure of your fleet. Exceed end-client expectations if you are a manager or owner save as much as 30% on your IT Cost and 60% less time spent on device with proactive tools and NOC services, regardless of device environment. ShipSafe IT Suite gives you the power to deliver with confidence while bringing real business results. Speak to us today!

Fleet-wide vantage point
  • 360 degree visibility and control of the connected devices across the fleet
  • Unified dashboard with advance reports for every blind-spot
  • Manage and monitor IT/OT devices with an ease
  • Automation
  • Automation allows you to minimize probability of human errors
  • Close the skill gap between your IT and Vessel Crew
  • Cyber defense is best managed when it’s automated
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Get regulatory framework compliant reports in a click
  • Real-time monitoring for easy inspections
  • Want custom reports? We’ve got you covered
  • Easy Deployment
  • Up and running in minutes
  • No external hardware needed
  • Installed remotely with low footprint
  • Scans all connected IT/OT Devices for threats
  • Why ShipSafe® ?

    Less hassle. More control.
    Supported by NOC technicians
    Up-to 60% Less time spent per device
    Up-to 40% more savings


    ShipSafe® IT/OT Suite

    Control, Manage and Secure how you manage and monitor the health of servers, virtualized environments, workstations and OT systems on-board and offshore (includes cloud). Our NOC will alert you—day or night, when critical issues arise. Integrated back-up and data recovery under the same dashboard.

    ShipSafe® Command

    Gives you the power to manage device proliferation while automating time consuming network tasks and protecting your vessel IT environments. Secure remote access with enhanced cyber security for IT devices on-board.

    ShipSafe® Connect
    With continuous change and cyber attacks on critical IT assets, as per regulatory framework, the secure remote access to these machines is critical. ShipSafe provides critical insights and reports on each activity performed during the remote session, get secure remote access control which works seamlessly on VSAT/FBB/StarLink.

    How it Works

    Intuitive scripting

    Handle issues as they arise, plan them out in the future, or put them on a recurring schedule. Less work for you.

    Policy-based automation

    Schedule tasks (or run them immediately) and see the results in real time.

    Custom desktop alerting

    Streamlines unnecessary ticket noise by giving you out-of-the box alerts and the ability to customize your own.

    Optimized workflow interface

    Offers a single view into device health so you can quickly see which devices that need attention.

    Dynamic device grouping

    Monitor and manage specific groups of devices across multiple vessels based on any criteria you choose.

    Proactive patch management

    Our NOC deploys the viable and restricts the harmful patches so you don’t have to.


    ShipSafe® Ecosystem

    IT Suite is one of five pillars that act as the foundation of the ShipSafe Platform and integrated ecosystem.

    With seamless connectivity to the rest of our Platform and proprietary alerting and ticketing technology, ShipSafe empowers vessel operations with the industry’s smartest solution

    “ShipSafe realizes that Automation is the backbone of the efficient vessel IT services. A fully integrated solution frees us from day-to-day robotic duties and allows us to focus on operational and strategic planning and execution, as well as growing our business.”

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