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ShipSafe® presents Inspections Suite+AR and IT Suite with CSaaS (Cyber Security As a Service).

ShipSafe® Inspections Suite + AR: Hands-free, assisted reality-enabled wearable computers are a vital part of digital transformation. Just as the industrial enterprise is evolving, so too must the way that workers view and access information if organizations are to achieve their mandate for improved productivity and safety. As companies move on from “old ways” of working and adapt to new workplace guidelines enforced by the COVID pandemic, wearable computers present an opportunity to have an immediate impact on the workforce of those who implement them.

ShipSafe® IT Suite: Don’t settle when it comes to managing the IT infrastructure of your fleet. Exceed end-client expectations if you are a manager or owner save as much as 30% on your IT Cost and 60% less time spent on device with proactive tools and NOC services, regardless of device environment.

Why ShipSafe?

Our Inspections Suite and IT Suite solutions provide you with insights into your business,
while simultaneously delivering an understanding of industry benchmarks, which gives
you the vantage point to optimize your day-to-day decision

ShipSafe® IT Suite

Analyze, Design, Secure.
ShipSafe can help secure your vessels and protect your operations.

ShipSafe® IT and cybersecurity as a service protects clients in maritime, oil and gas, defense, and critical infrastructure from cyber attacks. The patented platform is the
end-to-end IT automation and cybersecurity solution with visibility and protection down to Levels 1 and 0.

Cyber Resilience and IT Management

Enterprise Cyber Resilience with Management Console. (Using the world’s lightest and fastest endpoint security agent, scans are unbelievably fast (normally less than 30 seconds) and they never slow end-users down. And because detection happens in real-time, it’s always up-to-date – and provides protection against all of the latest threats and attacks without the hassle of managing daily signature or definition updates. This risks associated with cyber risk threats are well laid in the new International Maritime Organisations Regulations for Cyber Security Risk Management Code 428(98).

24/7 Support

Get round the clock technical support.

Cyber Security as a Service

Assess Cyber Risks – Identify cyber risks to ships and operations
Design a Secure Cyber Architecture – Design a cyber risk management framework
Protect Vessels and Operations – Implement safeguards to ensure operational
resiliency. Continuous hardware, software, network audits to track and analyze your network security 24/7.

Partner you can trust

Working with leading bulk carriers, LNG, LPG, and oil tanker owners and operators as well as maritime industry bodies and standards groups, ShipSafe helps organizations secure their most critical assets and operations.

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