Remote Inspections with AR

The future of inspections is hands-free

Why Choose Inspections Suite with AR

50% Improved efficiency

32% More productive workforce

30% Higher Quality Output

20% Greater utilization

100% Connected and Centralized Data

AR Device Features

100% voice-controlled
All shift battery life
Intrinsically Safe
PPE compatible

How it Works

Customised Checklists

Every ship manager has different checklist formats, with shipsafe you can customize your own checklist in no time.

Voice to Text Data

100% Hands free with connected assisted reality device makes it convenient to capture crucial inspection data.

Automated Alerts

Set custom alert frequency for observation closure. With comprehensive comparative analysis of the data captured during the inspection.

Photo Reports

Save time by organizing photos correctly on the job. Generate an exclusive photo report in PDF format with a click of a button.

Works Off-line

Conduct entire inspection hands-free without the hassle of internet connectivity. Even while sailing!

Optimized Reporting

Comparevessel-wise fleet’s performance using enhanced reporting mechanism. Capture signatures on the go.

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ShipSafe® Ecosystem

ShipSafe has five pillars that act as the foundation of the ShipSafe Platform and integrated ecosystem. 

With seamless connectivity to the rest of our Platform and proprietary alerting and ticketing technology, ShipSafe empowers vessel operations with the industry’s smartest solution while assisting in achieving IMO 2021 Cyber compliance. 

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