Privacy Policy

ShipSafe® accesses and records camera sensor and microphone data, which is used for the purpose of taking photos and recording videos, to fulfill its purpose as an vessel inspection app. Microphone permission is also used for the optional “Audio control” options.

ShipSafe® requires permission to “access photos, media and files on your devices” (storage permission), as this permission is required for Android to save resultant files such as photos and videos to your device.

Location permission is required for the optional geotagging features (for photos and videos, including stamp and subtitles options). When relevant option(s) are enabled, your device location will be stored in photo/video/subtitle files. Location permission is also required to connect to Bluetooth remote control devices.

Since ShipSafe® also uses operating system APIs, you should review relevant privacy policies such as for your device, manufacturer, operating system and/or Google accounts. For example:

The optional voice control option uses the Android speech recognition service. When enabled, audio data is likely to be sent to remote servers by Android to perform speech recognition.
The “addresses” option for photo stamp or video subtitles uses the Android Geocoder API. When enabled, this requires that your device transmits location data across the Internet to a third party (which may depend on what “backend services” are installed on your device).
Apps/services such as cloud services on your device may auto-upload photos and videos that are saved on your device.

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