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ShipSafe Maritime Technologies Inc.

As a British Columbia-based software development company, ShipSafe® is dedicated to develop innovative  logistics solutions that increases operational efficiency, lowers operating costs, and reduces overall errors in the maritime shipping industry. ShipSafe® IT Suite and Inspections Suite is the proactive platform for what’s next in Cyber Security & Vessel Inspections leveraging AI/AR. The platform(s) are based on software as a service (SaaS) model to give complete control and access to relevant information by removing unwanted gaps, while maintaining the data security. The ease of use and availability on Smartphones and other mobile devices makes it super easy to collaborate, synergize and deliver. Whether you are a Ship Owner or Manager, increase 60% operational efficieny while pay saving as much as 40% on-going cost, one unified dashboard can manage entire fleet’s IT Assets, Cyber Security and Vessel Inspections. No more hassles, just pure shipping!


Founder & CEO:
Sahil Andrews Chand – B.Sc. IT, MBA – IT Management (Germany), PMP® – PMI-USA

Head of Finance:
Misal Singh Khundia

Head of Sales/Marketing:
Nitin Batra

Head of Administration
Saurabh Bhalla


Capt. Anoop Kumar SharmaIndependent Director, Dredging Corporation of India Ltd. & Kamarajar  Port Ltd.

Former Chairman and Managing Director, The Shipping Corporation of India Ltd.

Former Managing Director, Essar Shipping Ltd.

Former President, Indian National Shipowners Association

J. Renold – B.E. Electricals & Electronics, Bronze- Cyber Security Expert – E&Y, GICSP,  OPSWAT
Functional safety and Cyber security expert, OT, Industrial and Industry 4.0 Expert.


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